1. By delivering trophies to Swift Dip, the client warrants that the animals on his order have been legally hunted.
  2. Swift Dip is not responsible for any defect which may occur as a result of poor field preparation.
  3. As we do not have control over the field preparation, no responsibility will be taken for any damage caused by hair slip during processing.
  4. Swift Dip is not responsible for any loss or damage due to a storm, fire, theft or political riot, or any reason.
  5. Insurance on trophies should be arranged and paid by the client or owner of the trophies themselves.
  6. ALL TANNING IS DONE AT OWNER’S RISK. We are not responsible for loss or damage in tanning or transit.
  7. All Tanning is fully payable in advance.
  8. Full cost for the preparation of raw trophies is payable in advance.
  9. Payments may be made in the form of cash or a wire transfer.
  10. Please note that all goods remain the property of Swift Dip until full payment is received. The client accepts liability for all costs and collecting charges on an attorney and own client basis in the event of the account being handed over to an attorney’s firm for collection.
  11. Trophies will only be packed and sent to the shipping companies once full payment is received. Clients can’t expect their trophies to be delivered to the shipping company in 90 days if no payment was received.
  12. If trophies are not paid in full within 90 days of notification and no payment plan is scheduled, Swift Dip reserves the right to sell the trophy in question and will add rent to the amount payable.



  1. There will be an additional charge levied to pack curios and items not originating from Swift Dip. Please note that we take no responsibility whatsoever for damage to curios due to their fragile nature and that there might be a fumigation charge levied if the curios are infested by termites.
  2. All of our quoted fees do not include freight costs. These charges will be levied by our shipping agent but we can provide you with a quote beforehand. All customs clearance, brokerage charges, or import taxes are the client’s own responsibility.
  3. No responsibility will be taken by Swift Dip for the shipping of the client’s trophies. Shipping companies and agents are used on the client’s own responsibility. We will gladly assist you with communication and follow up on shipments through the shipping companies and agents.
  4. Swift Dip follows the government regulations with regards to the process used to properly disinfect raw trophies for shipment. CITES, General and Veterinary Permits as per annual Government Legislation.
  5. All Import permits should be arranged by the client himself, or through the clients Import Broker. Swift Dip can’t be held liable for the issuing of Import Permits.


Swift Dip Management