Once the client has completed his or her Hunting Safari, the Hunting outfitter or client can contact Swift Dip for the collection of the client’s trophies. We will then agree on a date and time to collect the trophies. Alternatively, the client can inform us before the Safari commences, to arrange a date for the collection of the trophies from the Hunting outfitter. Trophies will only be collected by Antonie or Natasha.

On collection of the client’s trophies, we go through each and every trophy, together with the Hunting Outfitter or representative of the company. We make sure that all trophies are in good order and that they are tagged properly. All trophies are recorded on a Collection Register, of which the Hunting Outfitter receives a copy after it has been signed by the responsible person.

Upon return to our office, a copy of the collection register is handed in and the hunting documentation received from the client is processed. All clients will be contacted via email to notify the client of the receipt of his/her trophies.


  • A signed copy of the PH Register with all the necessary permit numbers.
  • Hunting Permit (Depending on province) and species hunted.
  • Cites Permit (If applicable)
  • Valid Exemption Permit (P3) from landowner signed by the landowner.
  • Permission to hunt letter from the land owner to the client or hunter.
  • TOPS Hunting Permit (If applicable)
  • All the above-mentioned documentation needs to be handed in for the issuing of the clients Export permit.